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23/01/2006 09:25:11   Rens   I like it!
don't know about the price, it's in dollars, so i think it's kinda cheap... well not to expensive that is.

I like the condition it's in, looks really good and fun to drive.

But hey! I'm no expert :)  
23/01/2006 22:01:33   Jim   Thanks gentlemen for the tips!
I'll be lurking here....
24/01/2006 10:38:14   Drew Bedelph   Jim,

Looks like you scored a real bargain! I have one near identical, same year and colour, except mine doesn't feature the US-spec lights being a UK import.

Although some parts can be problematic to source, I've found eBay very handy in tracking down various bits and pieces that haven't been available for years, quite cheaply.

I hope we get to see a few more photos sometime in the near future!

All the best from Australia,

Drew Bedelph  
24/01/2006 14:13:44   Jim   Hello Drew,
I'd love to see photos of your 96. Are any on the net somewhere?
25/01/2006 14:49:17   Jim   Thanks so much Drew. I'm sure I'll be in touch with you when my 95 arrives in a couple of weeks.
Yours is a beauty!
26/01/2006 01:27:07   Alistair   As we say round my way.... Eh up, Drew, how's it going?

Al "Fliptop"  

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