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23/01/2006 23:01:57   Alexander Storch   Hi, I wondered if anyone could give me a price guide on the following car which my grandmother owns. It's a 96 on a K plate in dark blue. The car was restored about 7 years ago at a cost of about 4000.00 and looked absolutely stunning. It was used by a cousin of mine for about 18 months which included some trips back and forth to Germany. however the car then became very very difficult to get into gear and the problem was never resolved. My gran couldnt drive it so it's been laid up ever since in a garage. It still looks fantastic but I havent looked very closely at it for many years.
Any ideas on a price?  
25/01/2006 16:27:09   john wyatt   If it is still very good both exterior, interior, mechanically and underneath and you can get it MOT'd I would be looking for the best part of 2000, the gear lever may simply need adjusting, if not any costs to have this remedied would need to be taken into account, I feel personally 96's are undervalued.  
25/01/2006 20:34:03   Alexander Storch   Thanks very much for the advice John. I feel a little guilty having asked now as my grandmother has decided to give me the car for nothing! I'll get some pictures up soon. Actually took it out of the garage today for the first time in a while to have a closer look.
One rear wing has lots of minor bubbling on it, I don think it's rust , just looks like paint bubbles. Otherwise it look really excellent.
Problem with the key tho' Ive posted another question with a suitable topic.
Thanks again.

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