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24/01/2006 00:37:50   Gary   My Saabers...

My 1971 96 bucks when elevating off the clutch. I adjusted the clutch. The clutch is new and was installed after the engine rebuild. At times , it is a violent buck before it engages and drives normally. At times, the car bucks in the higher gears althought milder. I am not certain if the bucking now caused a transmission problem. I am now experiencing a popping out of first gear occasionally. It usually pops out twice before the gear stays put. Additionally, the gear wanders and sometimes stays or pops out of first gear. When reverse is selected, then a teeth chattering bucking occurs.. I changed the rear motor mount. It was shot, although better, it still produces the symptoms. Lastly at times when pulling off in first, a hesitation , then a strong buck and the car drives normally. The car does idle a bit high... Any help woul dbe appreciated..Thanks in advance  
24/01/2006 11:07:32   Steve B   Hi Gary.
The transmission problem you mention could be your freewheel. Try driving the car with the freewheel disengaged (engine braking enabled) and see if the problem is still their or if it makes gear selection more reliable.
When you say it pops out of gear to you mean the gear lever actually jumps out of position or do you just loose drive to the wheels ?  
24/01/2006 12:18:41   Richard   Are you driving in solid drive. What you might have is a worn free wheel lock out. The engagement teeth can wear on the drop gear shaft. This can cause some snatching as you jump for a moment into free wheel and the bearing takes up the play.  
24/01/2006 12:22:31   Richard   The gear jumping out could be something different. I have only had this in a box with a worn pinion shaft bearing. This lets the gears float too much and they put out of gear (the gearbox will whine if this is the case). Otherwise it could be selectors or cynchros.  
24/01/2006 19:45:09   Gary   Thsnks for the replies, The gear itself pops out..and occassionally, when I push off, a no drive feeling and then a slight boom ,and the car under way. This is normally in first gear and at times third. I have the freewheel locked out. Today for example, the car hardly bucked, unitl the end of my journey and then it began again.  
26/01/2006 01:24:44   Alistair   Freewheel I think.  
27/01/2006 12:31:23   Richard   Could be slipping hey Alistair. You could try a oil change and see if that helps, but I recon that the gearbox has more than one fault. A rebuild, or a different box of a known quantity would be the best option.  

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