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10/04/2003 13:17:16   tom   The freewheel on my saab works but is very tempermental, The clutch re-engages but you have to be very gentle when applying the gas.(lots of judder otherwise). I've heard that it can be sorted from the outside of the gearbox, is it merely something to do with the operating lever?
Thanks for any help.  
11/04/2003 10:37:19   Alec   Sometimes it is just the plastic lever on the top of the box that engages the freewheel. Remove the bolt with the spring around it and then pull the plastic part out of the box.
Where the rod sits in this plastic piece and goes down into the box they often get worn which allows the actuator rod to move around. If so, get a new (secondhand) one.  
11/04/2003 17:48:33   Mikael. sweden   Hello. I will try to explain and make myself understood in english. This problem can occur if the gearbox oil isnīt changed regullary (10 000 km). A shortcut type of restauration is to drain the old oil while its warm and put diesel in the gearbox instead. Then take a short and careful drive and drain again. Put the correct oil in the box and hope for the best! I had a worn out freewheel in my 96-67 and had to use automatic transmission oil to make it work properly.  
11/04/2003 18:51:46   louis   What is the correct oil to put in the 'box? Nobody has ever been able to tell me really! I mean not what oil they put in there when the car was built but what I can buy in my local store?
See ya!  
12/04/2003 12:51:27   tom   I have change the oil in the gearbox, it did seem to help a bit!
louis, off the top of my head can't remember the type but managed to obtain it from my local saab dealer. I'll look up the grade and post it.  
12/04/2003 14:08:28   ian   According to the book of words the correct oil is EP - SAE 80 and it take 1.4 litres (1.83 imperial pints).

I was told that the best way to clear the crud out of the freewheel was to drain the oil from the gearbox, refill it with paraffin, drive the car around for a while so that he paraffin can do its job (I don't recall how long for or how many miles), drain off the paraffin and then refill with fresh gearbox oil. Which sounds pretty similar to Mikael's suggestion.  
14/04/2003 14:19:03   Steve H   Is this really a free wheel problem? Do you mean the free wheel misses and the engine over revs? Or do you just have a juddering clutch?  
18/04/2003 12:07:07   tom   Steve, the free wheel misses, you have to come off the gas or the engine over revs. Then just hope that it engages on the next attempt.
28/04/2003 14:14:07   Steve H   In that case you need a new one. I persevered with a freewheel that was doing this for 6 months, trying everything suggested. I fixed it in the end with a new gearbox. Sorry.
Try looking up Chris Partington. I have run one of his cheaper canibalised boxes for a while now without problems.  
03/10/2003 16:05:43   Mike Ross   I just bought a sonett III. What is this "freewheel" function you speak of? I see the lever on the floor but am afraid to touch it.


MIke - Newbie Sonett Owner  
03/10/2003 18:11:42   john   Tom,

I had the very same problem with my box, it was resolved by replacing the freewheel assembly only from a secondhand box, on dismantling the freewheel from my own box it sprung out and i lost a lot of bits, seem to recall it was a rat to reassemble the manual shows a rubber band holding the springs and rollers in, but it is far from easy locating the hub, otherwise straightforward.

03/10/2003 23:14:54   Alistair   I've never had much long-term success with duff freewheels, though they are a doddle to change once you have the box out. A good secondhand f/w is usually all you need, unless the teeth on the locking spline that maintains drive on the overrun have been chewed away by driving the car for too long with duff f/w.

There is a special tool to remove/replace the f/w hub but I've always managed with good elastic bands. Make sure you're working in a clean environment in case you do lose springs & rollers.

Ian - IIRC 1.4 litres = 2.5 imp pints?

Mike Ross - the f/w is a device to allow the car to freewheel when you lift off - just like a pushbike. In this mode you can coast along down hills etc using next to no fuel and in eerie silence! It was originally designed to help 2 strokes avoid oil starvation on the overrun - as if they aren't burning any fuel they aren't getting any lubrication. It was carried over to the V4 models and also v. early 99s. A nice by-product is the ability to do clutchless gearchanges. It's a key trait of the cars and one you should try out asap, feels really weird at first but you'll grow to love it. If you've ever driven an auto you'll be familiar with the sensation.  

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