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25/01/2006 13:12:27   Rens   I like it!  
26/01/2006 22:52:35   jean francois   Excepted Rens nobody doesn t care about my happiness of being the new owner of a beautiful Saab 95.
Are you bored with old Saabs ?
Im desappointed and will try to share this happy event with other people .What does your silence means?  
26/01/2006 23:17:38   John Wood (Woody)   Looks very good for its year, especially the Cloth and Gallon black seating. I still have same seating from my 1969 96V4. Orange is a very unusual colour for a 95V4 of 1969 vintage. What is the chassis No? and colour code?
The blue suits the car. For the gallery, send an email to alec with the pics as attachments.
27/01/2006 09:57:31   Simon C   Hi Jean François, Are you the same guy I've just sold a green 96 too, that lives near Lille?
If so, I have a boot badge you may be interested in.
Either way, the 95 looks great!  
27/01/2006 15:20:34   jean francois   Hi Guys
I was desespared not to have any reaction.Thanx I m so enthusiast !! I don t have the no de chassis , all I kniow is that Saab made 9985 unities of 95 in 1969 and I have the 4471th .
At first that car belonged to the swedish phone company during 8 years .
It s in France since 27 Years and Im its third french Owner.
Dear Simon I m not the french you sold a 96.
Im living more in the south next to Lyon at the feet of the alps.
This car is my first Saab vintage and I m very proud of it.
I can t communicate with outlook express so if you could send me a adress e-mail , it would be nice .
27/01/2006 15:27:52   Senor Burt   Votre 95 est tres beau.

95 est le no.1 SAAB.  
27/01/2006 17:40:54   Andrew   How's yours coming along Senor?  
27/01/2006 18:17:12   Senor Burrt   Same as it ever was. Waiting for me to able to afford the engine work & paint job.  
27/01/2006 18:34:53   john wyatt   Do the paint yourself £200 tops, you will be amazed at the finish you can get at home with modern paints  
27/01/2006 23:38:16   Senor Burrt   I don't fancy tackling metal flake myself. I'm planning a proper custom paint job.  
28/01/2006 15:21:23   Jim   Very niced Jean.
Unfortunately whe I try to enlarge the photos I get an error message  

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