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24/01/2006 19:57:30   Gary   Fellow Saabers:

I wish to deduct the mystery out of the 96 transmission. I have fully rebuilt the 99/900 gearboxes many times. Many of the "special tool" are not needed.

Where a barrier exist I am told pertaining to the 96 gearbox is special tools needed.

I have three 96 boxes in my workshop, that I wish to tear down completley. Might any member here.., know the challenges that will arise due to not having the special tools? Improvisions??
Lastly, being that I do not have the mounting jig for the gearbox, can someone be kind enough who has one, submit the measurements of the jig/(boreholes to press out the gear measurements as well)

The beautiful thing about this forum is deducting the fear,mysteryand overcoming the "challenges" of these lovely cars  
24/01/2006 21:42:17   John Wood (Woody)   There are several supportive parts to the cradle, some highly specialised as to jigging the pinion shaft. Some tools can be bi-passed. I have a cradle and can do the measurements, but you will need an old girder for the base!! Have n't used it for 20 years. Have you got a source for all the shims and lock tabs?  
25/01/2006 02:06:15   Gary   Yes.yes Woody! I would love the measurements.. I do have a source for the shims and lock tabs.. Girder you type? I appreciate the meaasurements Woody...

Thank you  
25/01/2006 07:33:24   Richard   I use a dummy diff that fits the box and a pointer that fits the end of the pinion. As I know the dimensions I can use a feeler gauge between the two to set the pinion.  
25/01/2006 15:50:55   Gary   Richard, may you go into detail?  
26/01/2006 12:31:23   Richard   The dummy diff is a machined lump of alloy of a true known dimension. It fits where the diff bearings go (its like the diff casing to look at it). Then I have a pointer of a known dimension that sticks on the end of the pinion (in the dimple that is machined into it). Saab give you the dimensions of the box in their manual. I know how the distance relates to the pinion setting when I put a feeler gauge between the pointer and the dummy diff.  
26/01/2006 18:01:21   Gary   Richad..with all due respects, may you offer the "known" dimensions and the size feeler gauges? unless it is a secret.  
27/01/2006 12:26:12   Richard   I can, but I cart remember them at work! You dont need to use the exact same data, you can work it out from the service workshop data, which is what I did. I will dig the data out.  
27/01/2006 17:13:26   Gary   thank you Richard..appreciate it.  

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