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25/01/2006 20:38:21   Alexander   Following on from my 'price advice' question I am now the proud owner of a 96 :-)
First problem is that I cannot turn the key! When my grandmother last used the car a few years back there was a problem with the gearbox and 'most' of the gears were very difficult to select. There also seems to very little life in the clutch i.e. very little bite.
Could this have anything to do with the key issue? My reasonsing is that you have to engage and disengage reverse to get the key in and out so if reerse is difficult to select ...etc.etc.
Of course, never having had a Saab 96 before I could be way off the mark.
ANy suggestion where to get insurance?  
25/01/2006 21:17:32   John Wood (Woody)   Difficulty in engaging gears as you suggest sounds like the steering column has moved. There are two bolts which secure the column to the support behind the dashboard. If the column is moved too far forward you can have difficulty in engaging 1st, 3rd and reverse. Too far back towards the driver and you may lose 3rd & 4th. Adjust until you are happy that you have all gears and check your engine side stay and gearbox side stay. Minute adjustment here will make gear change smoother. When you are happy with this, lock the bolts off. 1/2inch AF spanner is required preferably a ring type. The fact that you are having difficulty selecting reverse will compound the key issue. Afraid I have little experience on cars with this facility as all my 96s pre-date the introduction of locking gear-change. Once you have sorted above, you could try adjusting your clutch. Get hold of a service manual- Haynes, Autobooks etc are quite good at explaining this. Also a good way to learn what delights are in store for the future.  
25/01/2006 21:18:39   John Wood (Woody)   1st, 2nd and reverse. - sorry
26/01/2006 00:41:20   John Wood (Woody)   After all this time it is likely the clutch hydraulics will need servicing. New rubbers in both Master Cylinder and slave cylinder. If you have difficulty selecting gears whilst the engine is running, the hydraulics might have been contributing to the problem by depression of the pedal not completely disengaging the clutch.  
26/01/2006 01:34:21   Alistair   John's advice on column adjustment is sound. It could also be a duff clutch, some clutch plates are very slightly the wrong thickness causing trouble disengaging the clutch. This shouldn't affect the gear linkage lock if the engine is switched off. If trouble with fitting/removal of key while engine off, try wiggling the gear lever up & down and towards/away from steering wheel to get the key in/out/ If this helps, then you definitely need to adjust the column...  
27/01/2006 08:03:51   Alexander   Thanks for the advice, adjusting the steering column is certinaly not something you would have figured out myself.
Perhaps during the course of the car's restoration the column might have been taken out/adjusted and not put back properly.
Now that you've mentioned it I seem to recall a problem changing gears ever since they had the car back from the restorers.

Thanks again.  
30/01/2006 16:59:27   Alexander   You were dead right about the steering column. Unfortunately the key barrel was extremely worn out and I had to drill it out. Is there anywhere I can get a barrel or a complete key assembly?
Upon adjusting the steering column I could quite easily select all the gears. The clutch still needs attention though.  

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