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27/01/2006 20:05:21   Les Ryder   Has anyone removed the steering wheel from a late model (1976, rubber bumper)V4.  
27/01/2006 22:32:21   Alex   I did from a 1975 model which had rubber bumpers. Is that close enough?  
28/01/2006 17:59:39   Les   Hi Alex,If you had a removeable rubber horn pad, then we're talking the same animal. Under the rubber is a plastic moulding but no visible means of attachment, don't want to attack it if there is a simple method of removal, I guess once this is removed the wheel nut is visible.  
28/01/2006 19:25:37   Rens   you can remove it really carefull... you just have to take the rubber cover off... it's locked over the edges. then you have a plastic plate... don't remove this... i did it and broke every thingy of.

30/01/2006 14:38:35   Les   Hi Rens, but surely the plastic panel has to be removed, otherwise you can't get at the wheel nut.  

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