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27/01/2006 20:09:22   Les   Sorry thread shot off before completion.....
Wheel has a moulded rubber cover over horn pad, under this is a plastic panel, but no obvious signs of removal....any ideas?  
27/01/2006 22:03:19   john wyatt   They are all the same fitting a big nut which holds the wheel to the steering column, the only tricky bit is removing the wheel which is usually wedged on, usually a rubber hammer or similar does the trick. not familiar with later wheels but would assume the plastic panel you refer to simply unclips or unscrews.

30/01/2006 19:20:02   Les   Thanks for the response John....sadly the later models don't have screws behind the horn pad. A rubber moulding covers the front of the pad, when removed it reveals a plastic panel with very delicate mouldings holding the horn contacts, but no obvious means of release. My repair manual only covers the previous model...thats progress I guess !!  
31/01/2006 13:03:42   Derek   The late ones had the "big" pad. This should just peel off leaving the centre and nut exposed. Check your mail I've sent you a page from the Saab w/s manual.  

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