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28/01/2006 17:15:46   cassie   Hi problems problems - checking the oil I realised that it was very low - but was not overheating, glad its winter - however I looked at the oil cap and there was white oily substance inside cap - checked radiator no oil & overflow - does this mean the gaskets are on the way out - or I bought the car recently, has cheap oil been used. Thanks  
29/01/2006 00:24:44   Alistair   Yes, it could be head gasket :-( but this time of year could also just be condensation. Worth giving the engine a flush and fresh oil/quality filter (get a Saab one, they cost peanuts) and see how it goes...  
29/01/2006 11:04:02   John Wood (Woody)   If you are mechanically minded, it would be good to remove the rocker covers to clean out the sludge from inside. Check also condition of rubber breather pipes, these can get sludged up as well.  

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