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29/01/2006 09:48:15   ian   need some welding on floor of two stroke...failed mot yesterday...intend to take engine and box out and do job properly...its been patched thinking about putting in streghening brackets between floor and bulkhead in engine bay and replating floor underneath....has anyone done this type of work...any tips would be appreciated before i start  
29/01/2006 14:28:27   John Wood (Woody)   Hi Ian, on V4s I have done some patching mainly repairs to front apron,replaced two, rally reinforcing of turrets and cutting out and rebuilding the side panel under the steering arm holes where the brake pipe fixes. Have also replaced the boot floor. The front engine floor is quite thick, especially at the side of the gearbox where I cut the holes for the rally exhaust, and any repairs are best done with an empty bay as it is easier to weld from above. Hate welding upside down. Has the floor rotted up to the joint with the bulkhead? If you do have to work underneath make sure the car is as far off the ground as you can and also you have to remove as much underseal as possible as it burns. I can visualise a suitable triangular support for the floor to bulkhead, but if the repair pieces are thick enough it may not be necessary.  
30/01/2006 07:37:28   Richard   We have just cut the floor out of the engine bay, straightend it and welded it back in. Its about 2mm thick and we could only get it out via angle grinding (Saab spot welds too good).
To be honest I would repair the area by cutting all of the rot out and welding in new material. Its quite over engineered for the two stroke, so as long as you do a good job there should be no problem.  
30/01/2006 17:57:25   ian   so you dont think i need to do anything in the engine be honest it all looks as though it can be done from underneath with exhaust would make life a lot easier to just put good plate underneath...  
30/01/2006 20:23:30   John Wood (Woody)   For some reason the slightest sign of rot in a large floor panel even though it is not structural, they fail it. If you are able to cut out the old and weld in new then that will be easier. But you will end up doing it from underneath. You have to guard against weld splatter against transmission boots, and steering bellows. Whipping the engine/box out might seem a chore, but you will have a clear working area and better ability to see if there is any other areas that might need attention.  
30/01/2006 22:01:01   ian   thanks for the posting one and all...will be doing job soon and will let u all know how it goes  

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