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29/01/2006 13:23:13   john wyatt   Inspired by the VSAAB 0-60 comparison page I am going to clock the 0-60 time on my car and my dad's car the next time I have them out, has anyone else done a 0-60 time for their car?  
29/01/2006 19:38:30   Rens   0-60 in almost 3 years :) can't get it out of the garage!  
30/01/2006 07:41:36   Rens   I think John wanted to know about the people visiting here... and not some people he didn't know...  
30/01/2006 14:10:53   jake   well john if you start of on a monday and head in the same direction for long enough you eventully pass the sixty mph or drive into the sea but i,m not sure which will happen first best take water wings with you next time out just in case?ps any day will do realy what about sat!  
30/01/2006 15:33:32   john   10am at Curt's house, will let John Neaves know tonight, don't know where you fancy heading?  

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