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10/04/2003 14:00:27   helen   ive got a 1967 96v4 whose brake pads need changing, do i need to source old design ones or can i buy a modern set? never change hers before
10/04/2003 19:38:05   ian   Helen,
You should be able to order a set of pads from a local motor factor. If you have any difficulties getting hold of them try Mel and Ken at Highgate Saabpart.

Changing the pads is a relatively straightforward task although you will need to check that the exposed part of the piston is clean and in a good condition before you depress it back into its housing. Often the pistons are in poor condition with rust breaking through the chrome plating. The rust will damage the seals when the piston is depressed back into the housing. This is when what should be a 10-minute job turns into a bit of a marathon and you will need to renew the pistons together with the seals. The brake hydraulic system will also have to be refilled with fresh fluid and bled. I've sometimes found that if the seals have deteriorated slightly that the brakes will bind if the seals haven't been changed. It would also be a good idea to make sure that the pivot points and rubbing surfaces on the caliper are moving freely and are lightly greased.

I hope this hasn't put you off!

BTW How close to Nottingham are you?

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