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31/01/2006 20:46:15   julian   Just stripped down my 96 for a total resto', and had great difficulty removing the rear screen. I get the feeling this is gonna be a real pig to get back in. Anyone done one of these before?  
31/01/2006 21:19:12   John Wood (Woody)   Post 1971 vehicle with the plastic bead, have the bead installed afterwards. Front screen is slightly easier, but rear can be difficult. Did two, 1st one OK, 2nd the sides would not pull in. Have yet to try again. You need 3-4mm nylon cord and gently pull the screen down in to the seat of the body. Have someone strong bear weight down from outside and slap on glass. Easier if the rear shelf is removed. You sit on the fuel tank.  
31/01/2006 21:22:22   John Wood (Woody)   ps. If you can, avoid dislodging the head-lining. I have not found a replacment source for the two sided tape SAAB used. Glues discolour the headling and make it brittle.  
31/01/2006 21:27:25   john wyatt   I refitted mine recently after a respray, my mate came and gave me a hand as he has done other cars before it only took about 10-15 minutes to get it in but you do need to put a lot of pressure on the screen to get it in.  
31/01/2006 23:38:34   Julian   Thanks for your tips on this one. It is always better to get first hand knowledge. I will need to find another window seal as I damaged the original one getting it out. The headlining has been removed as I am making and fitting a new one. I thought of using 3M high grab double sided carpet tape to secure the new headlining, It would certainly be strong enough but I had wondered about discolouration. Maybe woolies trim stock a tape suitable. I will make inquiries. Thanks.  
01/02/2006 20:33:03   John Wood (Woody)   Whatever fixing you do use, it needs to be a thin as possible as you will be straining the rubber groove in the seal.  
01/02/2006 22:15:48   Julian   John, The double sided tape is paper thin like sellotape, so hopefully it should be ok. I will let you know how it goes.  

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