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01/02/2006 11:16:36   paul mchugh   Hi there I am currently selling my 96 on ebay and somebody left a message telling me my car was actully not as old as it says on the log book. I've only had the car since october and am quite concerned about this. The person who left the message told me the vin no would be under the back seat,but I can't seem to find it. Hoping somebody will be able to help me with this as I WOULD'NT WANT TO SELL IF THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS INFORMATION OR LOG BOOK

thanks paul  
01/02/2006 13:05:35   Senor Burt   The VIN is also on a plate on the front bulkhead under the bonnet (and on the log book). The third and fourth numbers denote the year of manufacture. EG 9672......etc would be a 96 made in 1972 although year of first registration may be slightly later.

Is the auction still on? Let us have the link please if so.  
01/02/2006 14:10:05   Paul mchugh   Thanks for the reply I have checked the bulkhead and the log book these both match. Sorry don't know how to send link(not to good on the internet just yet) but if you click on the ebay auction link on this site mine is the 72 blue 96.

01/02/2006 14:34:11   Senor Burt   There are a few details which suggest that if it is a '72 some bits have been changed. The clocks are not right, in'72 they had white needles on the speedo and gauges. I would be dubious about the mileage being correct therefore. The boot badges are also not correct. a '72(looks out of window) has a chrome V4 badge above a chrome SAAB badge where the black one is on yours. I'm not sure about the bumper overriders either.

Either it is a later car (75 onwards maybe) that has been given the identity of a '72 (this is legal as it is a 'reshelling') or it is a '72 that has had some bits from a later car put on it.

The VIN number is stamped on a cross member under the rear seat, unless it has been removed.

At the end of the day though, none of this really matters. If it as you describe as far as you know, then any buyer cannot complain. They can see good, clear pictures of the car.  
01/02/2006 14:42:52   Paul McHugh   Thanks for your help on this matter.  
01/02/2006 21:11:11   John Wood (Woody)   Dash clocks, and rear badges are 1973 model, rear over-riders 1972 model, front over-riders 1969-1971 model, retro-fitted heated rear screen which is post 1975 model. Sonnett? air filter.  
02/02/2006 07:31:38   Richard   I am sure there is a difference between the rear axle box on a 72 and a 73 car. Could it have been fitted with the new badges and dials from new, assuming that it did not sell in 72?  
03/02/2006 18:28:24   chris   Surly it would be best to contact previous owners about the history of the car  
03/02/2006 22:16:44   john wyatt   It is not uncommon on the classic car scene to make a car tax exempt by putting older docs, plates, etc onto a car which does not make the cut off date this is one possible explanation, it is possible your car had a new bootlid meaning it would have new badges as well, and new dials in any case I would not worry too much if you have bought the car in good faith, it is hardly like it is a vintage Bentley where the provenance is critical.  
04/02/2006 05:27:55   John Wood (Woody)   Richard, an interesting point. My current V4s are both 73 model shells. My 1st V4-(Orange rally car) was a '69 deluxe, the 2nd was a 72 model. There is a difference between the 69-72 in the fixing of the fuel tank retaining straps, and I am not sure whether the inner wing at the side of the tank had the angle iron strengthener across the top of the axle box. I do not recollect any differences between 72-73. Would be good to stand the models together for comparison.  

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