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02/02/2006 20:11:48   Mark   Does anyone know where i can buy a set of bolts for soccerball alloys,rolf is out of stock.  
02/02/2006 20:33:36   Gary   Mark...

You can order them in the states. There is a guy (West of Sweden)in Vermont(U.S) who apparantly makes them and claim they are better then original? You will have to do the investigation ..They are 175.00 U.S. Good luck  
03/02/2006 08:28:27   Highgate   We have a new set in stock.
01827 287900  
03/02/2006 09:52:01   Senor Burt   What's happened to your website Mr Highgate? It looks to be seriously screwed. Looking at the code, it's no surprise though. Yuck!  
03/02/2006 14:35:05   Senor Burt   Has it been sorted since this morning? If not, then it only works on Internet Explorer.  
03/02/2006 15:20:09   Clive   Highgate site still appears down. Will not open with Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.  
03/02/2006 16:16:08   Senor Burt   It would seem that young-feller-me-lad who 'designs' it is trying to be clever with MS Front Page. Which is never a good idea. Come to think of it having anything to do with MS Front Page is never a good idea.

I tried it this afternoon on a PC with IE and it worked OK as much as it ever did. It won't work on any of my Mac browsers now I've got back to a proper computer.

Sorry I'm getting a bit OT here.  
04/02/2006 11:26:20   mel   The website is now back to it's original format. My son was trying something and it didn't work!
This forum is about V4's! Constructive critism I can live with, destructive critism helps no one and leaves a bad taste. If people spent as much time building V4's as they do spouting off then the world would be a much better place! Hey and I'm being polite here.
Use the forum for what it's intended for and that's keeping V4's on the road.
From Phat to Rat love em all!!!  
04/02/2006 23:22:23   Senor Burrt   If you don't want criticism, then pay someone who knows what they're doing to design you a good website. The current one reflects extremely badly on your company's image. That's being constructive and helpful.

I appreciate that your son is doing his best, but it is obvious that he lacks knowledge of many of the basic principals of web design and is using poor software which any professional web designer would avoid like the plague.

Any more detail than that and I start charging a consultancy fee as I would with any commercial concern. It's my living.

I'd be quite willing to come down and train him for a few days for my usual daily rate + travel + accomodation. I'll even go through the site with a fine tooth comb, analyse the faults and tell him how to put them right if you email me.

I'm sure there are many reputable web design companies in your area who could do a good job for you though.  
05/02/2006 03:03:10   Alex Waters   I have never contributed to this forum before but I just had to respond to senor burrk's last entry. Somebody take his V4 away from him he doesn't deserve it.
He comes across as an opinionated, bigoted, know-it-all.
Can I please remind this person that this forum is not a chat room for sad lonely pathetic individuals to use as a stage to attempt to impress the reader with his computer know how. I am sure there are plenty of other forums which cater for such individuals. I am sure I speak for all the users of this forum when I say, please senor 'burke' leave this forum and do not return.  
05/02/2006 11:19:43   Al   Oh dear, let's be grown-ups people and try not slag each other off?

To be fair to young Burt he does have a point. The web is an important marketing tool for any business these days, that's why businesses have websites. That marketing effort is severely diluted if the site is poorly constructed, frequently down, or out of date. It reflects badly on the business trying to market itself.

That said, we all have to learn somewhere, but perhaps a live trading site isn't the best place?

PS - Burt - "Proper Computer"? That'll be a large room filled with a multi-node VME system then ;-) Ooops, showing me age now...!  
05/02/2006 12:42:06   Senor Burt   Who you Alex? You seem to have appeared from nowhere suddenly. I contribute a lot of free advice on this forum on the subject of V4's. I've owned and worked on V4's for many years and don't mind sharing my knowledge and experience. Which I haven't noticed you doing a great deal.

However, I'm a professional freelance web and graphic designer and my advice on that beyond a certain point doesn't come for free. I am opinionated, but not bigoted. I certainly don't know it all, but years designing web sites and graphics means I know a hell of a lot more than 99% of people about this particular subject. For the record, I am neither sad, lonely or pathetic. I think it's you that began the personal insults.

I'm not trying to impress anybody, I'm trying to get the message accross to Mel that:-

A) A kid with extremely limited knowledge and experience is not a good choice to design a company's website.

B)MS Front Page is an appalling piece of software that should never be used to design a commercial web site.

C)As a result Highate have a website that is detrimental to the company's image and has probably lost them customers already.

I don't think anybody could reasonably disagree with the above statements.

If their site was good I'd say so and be happy for them that they were promoting the business effectively.

I don't want anybody to think that this is anything personal towards Mel and his son (sorry if I've caused any offence). I just find it highly frustrating when amateurs think it's easy to design a good web site just because Microsoft tell them so. This sort of thing is OK for your local car club or whatever, but not for a business where you're trying to impress potential customers.

05/02/2006 13:30:58   Mark   Er,I'll give highgate a ring about the bolts then.thanks.  
05/02/2006 13:37:23   john   As a regular contributor to the forum and an occasional highgate customer in the past maybe I can offer a bit of objectivity, the Highgate site obviously has its problems but really that is an issue for Highgate they are the ones who will lose or gain through their site, they may or may not have the financial wherewithal or inclination to employ a professional to organise the site, if Senor Burt really wants to help Mel or bring things to his attention maybe a better bet would be to pick up the phone or send a personal email rather then spouting off on a openly accessed forum, which I am presuming by there advert is partly supported by Highgate, in reply to Alex it is always unwise to assume you are speaking for other people, when asking for Mr Burt to leave the forum, he has apologised for causing offence, I would suggest in the future for Mr Burt a bit of discretion or waiting until asked before dishing out advice. Peace and Love, John  
05/02/2006 14:02:29   Senor Burt   Mel asked for constructive criticism (on a public forum), so I gave him some. I have emailed Mel on the subject in the past and received little response, as well as trying to subtly hint on this forum that there were problems with the site with no result. If my spouting succeeds in Highgate getting the website that reflects the level of service and experience that they have, then any bad feeling generated has been worthwhile.

I know Mel and have been a customer of Highgate and as one of the few V4 specialists in the country they provide an invaluable service to customers throughout the world.

A good e-commerce site is an investment that will pay for itself within a year maximum.

I agree that this probably isn't the place for discussions like this (especially in thread about soccerball bolts!) as we usually limit ourselves to solely technical discussion. But everyone has a right to reply. I know I started all this, but I can't help myself sometimes and once I get started, I don't pull my punches.  
06/02/2006 09:39:57   Mel   OK, we can all put the toy's back in the pram now!
Senor Burt does have some good points, but we are a small company and any help we get for free is more than welcome.
We are in this business because.

A: were enthusiasts

B: were unemployable

C: we like the people

It doesn't hurt to have a few comments banded about, it wakes people up and take notice.
My son will continue to do the website, it might not be the best but there are worse out there. (he's now got dreamweaver)We hope to see everyone at the Spares day in May and you can join us & Burt for a beer and more V4 discussions.

Mel & Ken

06/02/2006 12:57:43   Richard   I dont think people realise thats it hard to make a living out of old Saabs. They aint worth much, so you dont get all the big money customers like with say Jags.
I dont think they can afford the time, or to pay someone to sort out their web page. For all we know most of their customers may like to phone up anyway!  
06/02/2006 14:01:39   Mel   Richard, Nail & Head spring to mind!
Can we get over this now. email or phone it's all business to us.

Mel & Ken  
07/02/2006 07:58:37   Richard   Mel use this web page more if you can spare the time.  
07/02/2006 10:23:22   julian   Hi Mel, can you tell me more about the spares day in may please.  
08/02/2006 00:22:45   Jim   Err, can someone tell me where this much-discussed website is?  
08/02/2006 08:10:29   Mel   Jim
click on the link at the top of this page!
I will find out more on the May event and post as and when, Alec might have some more information he can post on this.
If we have the time, we will offer advice and assistance, but it cannot be to the detriment of the company, you understand
To all
Lets see more 95/96's on the road this year at as many events as possible and is anyone going to the Swedish event in August? there are four of us in Yam Yam land going in 99 & 96's who's up for it (we might get a block booking on the ferry if enough, which would reduce costs)
08/02/2006 12:25:57   Richard   Yeh I know Mel, but if you look helpfull on here on the issues that dont effect business, then it might act as a advert for you. People will always like to deal with someone they feel they know.  
10/02/2006 10:01:47   Mark   Thanks julian,already been in contact with rolf,he dosent have any in stock at the moment.Highgate (great site)are sorting me out some.thankyou all for your help.mark.  
10/02/2006 11:51:53   Julian   Mark, sorry for the duff info. I don't think Rolf's site has been updated recently.

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