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03/02/2006 12:05:04   julian   Does anyone make repair panels for the area immediately above the rear wing? The outer skin. Or is it a hammer and dolly job? Worth asking if its gonna save me some time.  
03/02/2006 14:13:29   john   Is the area dented or rusted?, if dented try and straighten it if rusty you will need new metal I do not think anyone does repair sections can maybe help you out with a section from a car I am breaking.  
03/02/2006 20:12:28   Julian   Hi John, That would be a really great help to me. If you could email me at I will give you more details and extent of corrosion etc. Thanks, Julian.  
06/02/2006 22:32:02   Julian   Hi John, You could also call me on 01224 203200.

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