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12/04/2003 19:15:03   jake   can anyone shed somelight on the time delay beteen construction and point of sale in the early seventies as the delay could make the difference on the tax exemption cut of my car was registered 220373 is it possable that the car was built shipped and sold in twelve weeks how can i find out the date is it possable jake  
12/04/2003 19:52:47   ian   Jake,
Check out your VIN number, it's stamped onto a small plate rivetted to the top part of the bulkhead on the passenger side. If the VIN (chassis number) starts with 96 72 it was definitely built in 1972, even if it starts 96 73 there's a chance it was built in 1972....I've got a definitive list somewhere which I'll try to locate. The VIN is is also stamped into the metal upstand under the front of the rear seats on the passenger side assuming that you have a RHD 96. It will also be on your V5.  
12/04/2003 21:13:43   ian   Jake,
I've found a list of the chassis numbers of the last V4's built in 1972. There are two numbering sequences for each model reflecting the country of manufacture (ie Sweden or Finland).

Sweden: 95 V4 - Chassis no. 95 73 2 00 3545
96 V4 - Chassis no. 96 73 2 00 1623

Finland 95 V4 - Chassis no. 95 73 6 00 0050
96 V4 - Chassis no. 96 73 6 00 3283

If your chassis number is lower than these, then your car should be exempt.

14/04/2003 12:03:46   jake   cheers ian my no 96732012094 kind of rules me out but not to wory it's still worth every penny just for the looks you get driving round in on of these superb cars all the best jake  
19/04/2003 11:19:27   ian   TYPO ERROR....OOPs!!
The chassis number for the last 96 produced in 1972 in Sweden should have read 96 73 2 01 1623,
NOT 96 73 2 00 1623 that I put in my previous posting.

Sorry folks!

Sorry folks


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