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04/02/2006 22:00:00   john   Had a top run today with 5 96's out, possibly the biggest assembly of V4's on the road in Scotland for the past 20 years?, will post a photo in the gallery if possible, shame we couldnt get some more cars from North of England and the rest of Scotland together.  
05/02/2006 18:41:33   Curtis Muir   Can only agree John. Great day. Have sent Alec some pics and details of how and occasionally where we meet.

And most importantly the ethos of the group.

Great to see the SAAB's together.  
06/02/2006 06:28:41   jake   great day and it was very plesant seeing the response from the public to our classic cars doing what they do best driving through the twisting turnig country roads looking and sounding fantastic i,m sure even carlson would have enjoyed it we keep the saab spirit alive and we can be very proud of that, again it was a great day  
09/02/2006 16:19:10   Andrew   Next time maybe...  
13/02/2006 15:18:30   Alec   Hi Guys

I have put the pictures on the web pages in the Gallery - The Borders run 2006
14/02/2006 01:21:06   Al   Great pics, looks like a fun day.

John - what springs do you have on the back of yours, it seems to be sitting quite high for a V4?  
14/02/2006 08:59:53   john   The ride height at the back is about the correct height for a 96, it has on the back what are described as "Forest Springs" I have taken one coil off, the front is very low which makes the back look high, I want to slam the back end because the front end looks brilliant, but the sensible thing is probably to bring the front end up a bit.  
14/02/2006 09:47:09   Alistair   Ah that explains it, front is lower. You can't easily alter the length of those forest rears as they are progressive. If it's standard springs you've chopped at the front, then you could probably do with finding (or having made) some S&R spec fronts - just expect the ride to be VERY firm. I'd have thought very stiff & high rear with softer lower front would make for a lot of lift-off oversteer?!  
14/02/2006 14:51:36   john   It does oversteer which I like, was thinking of running 99t rears on the front what are your thoughts?, the fronts are heavier than standard but not sure what they are.

14/02/2006 19:30:56   john neaves   Brilliant day out, the first time the 96 had been out for a few months, to see the line of 96s on the country roads was great.  
16/02/2006 01:32:24   Al   No idea how the relative rates of 99t rears and v4 fronts compare. Rich will probably have a better view on spring rates, as I think he's had some made???

Where are you Mr Simpson?  
16/02/2006 08:04:08   Richard   The front sr springs would be about 390lb the std items are probably less than 300lb, 250lb something like that as a guess. Coil springs uk in Sheffield made mine when Andrew had the car.
The rears start off soft and stiffen up, if they are forrest items they should be tappered at each end. I would just get some std 95 springs and cut them as the forrest items are rare.  

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