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07/02/2006 00:20:46   Danny   Anyone taken the back door of a 95 I need to reapir and paint mine thought it must be easier off but can't work out how to do it without the use of a grinder!?!~  
08/02/2006 08:19:55   mel   The first thing to do is to remove the top edge of the door seal from the inner body (row of small screws retaining a metal strip) be very careful not to damage the seal as it will leak later if damaged.
were the door pivots under the roof spoiler, you have to remove the hinge pins (these are peaned over to stop them dropping out) use a drift to tap them out (if they are tight, carefully run a grinder over the surface of the pins to remove excess and then tap out) this a TWO person job if you value your toes!  
08/02/2006 17:03:54   Danny   Thanks mel i will try this when it gets a bit warmer. Don't suppose you,ve got one of the things thatthe latch latchges into for a 95 have you?~!  

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