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09/02/2006 12:17:24   julian   Can anyone tell me where I can buy a complete set of cooling hoses from please.  
09/02/2006 13:41:02   Andrew   Try Highgate (ad above)  
09/02/2006 20:36:15   Julian   Andrew, have been to Highgate, but they dont stock the bottom hose. I cant seem to find one anywhere. Not a new one anyway. Will just have to get the others and keep looking for the bottom hose. Thanks, Julian.  
09/02/2006 22:24:06   Andrew   :-( Darn, mine's with Highgate at the mo and that's one of the hoses they're sposed to be replacing. Hmmmmmm... Guess you've tried Rolf's spares too? (in Links on left)  
09/02/2006 23:33:00   Julian   Andrew, yep, tried there too. They must be out there somewhere though. Thanks, Julian.  
11/02/2006 15:08:25   Highgate   We have the oppurtunity to have complete hose sets made but! it involves having sets made in large quantities (50 sets) retail would be approx 85 + vat for a full set.
This would also inc heater hoses.
If there is enough interest we will go ahead.
Please e-mail us and we will start compiling an order list.  
11/02/2006 20:25:00   Julian   Mel / Ken, I will be up for a full set if you get some made. Julian.  
12/02/2006 16:52:37   bill   Demon Tweeks will be able to provide you something suitable unless you are after originality.  
12/02/2006 22:35:36   Senor Burrt   Would you trust a 30 year old second-hand rubber water hose to last more than 5 minutes?  
12/02/2006 22:42:32   simon   I have a perfect, NOS Saab unit still in original packing - email me :)  
13/02/2006 21:05:13   Julian   Hi Simon. You can mail me at
Thanks, Julian.  
13/02/2006 23:05:16   John Wood (Woody)   I am still using hoses that are that old. So what?  
14/02/2006 14:23:53   Steve H   Has anyone every had a bottom hose Go?  
14/02/2006 22:33:02   John Wood (Woody)   Yes many years ago. The U-shaped bottom hose from radiator to water pump started leaking. It had chafed on the front aprom panel. Had the main hose behind the waterpump fail when on the way to a Dinner/dance and had to replace it at the side of the road, in the rain and in my suit. I always carried a two litre bottle of water for such occasions.  
16/02/2006 01:34:21   Al   Had loads of bottom hoses go, as Woody says, they rub on the front valance, combined with accumulated oily grime to soften the rubber and bang! Hot water all over the place...  
16/02/2006 17:17:01   Phil   We have NEVER had any hoses go in over 25 years of owning SAAB V4's using them as daily drivers, keep the engine bay clean no problems,also if the front panel is fitted right it shouldn't rub.The one on Ebay looks in very good condition Why is this site so clicky  
16/02/2006 23:31:38   Senor Burrt   Cliquey you mean? I just wouldn't fancy the idea of spending good money on an old, definitely somewhat perished (inevitable after so much time) water hose. As nobody has bid on it to date, neither do many other people. If there's something new available, I'd go for that any day.

I've never had a bottom hose go, but I seem to remember a couple of others failing.  
17/02/2006 12:19:02   Al   When v4s were younger and we were buying, breaking, repairing, running and selling them on a regular basis, we would get cars that had not been stunningly well cared for and they would often have bulging and worn bottom hoses which can and do burst. Ideally they get changed before this...

I'm also speaking from 25+ years' experience, it's just clear that my experience is different to yours. Not trying to turn this into a contest, just think that there are plenty of people on here with lots of experience and this is inevitably going to vary, but is all valid. :)  
20/02/2006 10:28:19   Curtis Muir   Just adding to Al's comments. Lately re-cored my radiator and used a Halfords Flexi-hose for the bottom hose, does the job perfectly . ..... All the other hoses I changed a couple of years ago to blue reinforced hoses from Demon Tweeks. No water leaks anyway, wish it was the same for oil, just keeps it rolling along.
02/03/2006 12:22:38   Julian   Just for info' I repaired a top hose on my 9000 with halfords hose tape, in the dark and rain (sods law)on the M25. It lasted me for 4 years and almost 40000 miles. It was still intact when I scrapped the car earlier this year.  

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