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13/04/2003 18:16:44   louis   Hello all!
Here is a difficult one: as you might know I live in Switzerland. Here to register a car the authorities look at the first registration date not manufacture. I have a problem as my car was registered first in Sweden in 1972 then was exported to the uk in 1978 and then in 1980 exported to Switzerland; the problem is the following: I do not have the Swedish paperwork for the car therefore local equivalent to the DVLA take the earliest known registration that is 1978. Therefore the car has to complie with 1978 regulations for polution, noise etc... It doesn't complie!
How can I get hold of an official paper which states the first registration in 1972 in Sweden?
Thanx for any help...
13/04/2003 23:15:05   Alistair Philpott   Louis
Have you tried contacting DVLA to see if they can shed any light on its re-registration in the UK? No idea if they could help, just a thought...

Good Luck
14/04/2003 09:39:30   ian   Louis,
When I looked into importing a car into the UK from Sweden in 1990 I was told that I would have to have proof of the year of manufacture from the appropriate authorities in Sweden. I imagine that the same conditions applied in 1978 when your car was imported into the UK. So perhaps as Al says the DVLA in Swansea might have a record of your car. Failing that, do you have the details of person who first imported and registered the car into the UK?

I think that your best bet would be to contact Saab in Trollhattan.

Hope things work out,

14/04/2003 12:13:22   jake   hi louis sounds triky but i got the full history for a saab 96 i once owned from dvla and it was very comprehencive there is a charge but it was worth it for the detail ps hows the paint job? is it out yet cheers jake  
16/04/2003 20:08:24   louis   I just got the V55 form from the DVLA today. They do not have the Swedish papers. But on the V55 is the Swedish reg mark! I shall try now to go to the Swedish authorities here at the embassy and see if they can tell me what the equivalent to the DVLA is in Sweden! Simple!  

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