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11/02/2006 11:12:01   Mark   Check out Derek'S link in the adverts section.wonderful,all the photos you could want.  
12/02/2006 12:19:14   Mark   I noticed it has non opening rear windows,was this a mod?  
12/02/2006 13:02:32   John Wood (Woody)   Cars on the Swedish/Finnish Home markets did not have opening rear side windows as standard. Export models had them as standard. This made it easier for them to replace the glass with plexiglas for rallying. I was advised of this by a Finnish exchange student in the early 80's. I have not seen any Swedish version brochures so they would give a clue.  
13/02/2006 08:37:11   jake   a saab friend told me that in the distant past when he rallyed saabs they always bolted small brackets around the rear screens because the thumps and bumps endured during a forest stage would often blow the rear screens straight out of the car, any one else heard of this?jake  
17/02/2006 07:37:11   John Wood (Woody)   A lot of competitors started to do this in the mid 70s including Ford. Saab appear not to have done this on the 96. I have not had that experience, though I could expect it to happen if the screens had been installed without the ali strip.  

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