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11/02/2006 12:33:39   julian   I need to remove the rear hubs to overhaul the brakes. Can anyone please recommend a puller other than the original saab tool? Or better still, tell me where I can get an original puller from.
11/02/2006 13:45:44   John Wood (Woody)   Pullers are rare, I have had mine for thirty years. It is necessary for removing the front drive hub, but you can usually get the rear drums off with a couple of large bladed screw-drivers inserted between the drum and back plate placed at opposing sides and gently lever the drum outwards.  
11/02/2006 14:26:09   John Wood (Woody)   On the commercial market Sykes Pickavant used to make one which worked. It had a large central hub and centre-screw and up to five legs could be attached. Sealey also make one but I do not know if it will adapt to the V4's size of hub. Have used the Sykes tool many years ago.  
11/02/2006 15:14:04   Senor Burt   I usually use a large hammer to smack the back of the hub repeatedly whilst turning it. If you back the brake shoes off with the adjuster, they're not too bad to get off. A puller is not really necessary.

I've used tools similar to the Sykes & Sealey ones. A universal puller will do the job if you really want to use one. As has been mentioned, it's pretty essential for the front hubs, but there are some pullers that are a bit flimsy. Avoid.  
11/02/2006 20:20:55   Julian   Thanks for the advice. I will try the rears after backing off the shoes and with some gentle persuasion from a soft hammer. In the meantime I will invest in a puller for the fronts. The jc whitney tool should do the trick by the look of it. I have seen some around like the original saab ones, but for the volvo amazon, 5-stud. Does anyone know if these pullers fit the saab hubs?  
11/02/2006 21:36:55   Al   I use the percussion engineering approach as described by your toes/knees when if it flies off though!  
11/02/2006 21:58:40   Alex   I bought a Kuko puller a few years back. It's a 3-armed device and I think it is easier to use than the thing in the JC Whitney ad. The bolt rings are on the outside of the arms (making the bolts/nuts easily accessible)and on the topside the arms grip onto a ring, so the setting is not fixed as the JC Whitney puller is. My guess is that when it is for sale in Holland it will be for sale in the UK too.  
14/02/2006 14:28:44   Steve H   I saw one go on ebay recently - 87 if I remember correctly.  
19/02/2006 12:41:10   chrisP   I have found all that is needed for rear hubs is a bit of 3/8" steel plate with 3 holes and 3 bits of threded rod and nuts to fit the bolt holes don't need a centre bolt if you screw the nuts down evenly. but you need somting like the Sykes Pickavant tool for the front hubs they can and should be tight  

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