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12/02/2006 12:53:52   Julian   Can anyone please tell me if the nice bright "lime Green" colour used on later 96's is actually called "opal Green" or Jade Green"? And was this the same Green as used on early 99's?  
12/02/2006 13:05:27   John Wood (Woody)   Opal Green. Checking on 99 colours.  
12/02/2006 20:32:41   Julian   Thanks John. I intend to keep my 73 car in its original Carolina Blue, but my late 76 Coral white 96L will be finished in Opal Green. I think Opal Green and also the Orange suit the car's character to a tee.  
12/02/2006 22:33:47   Senor Burrt   I used to have 95 in orange. Set off nicely with moss green and rust. The neighbours loved it as it was slowly disassembled in my drive. They reported me to environmental health in the end.  
12/02/2006 22:43:23   simon   Let me know if you need the paint code.  
12/02/2006 23:38:53   Julian   Hi Simon, The paint code would be great thanks.


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