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14/02/2006 21:21:21   Alec   Hi all
I am just striking up a fantastic deal for you all with a classic car insurance company which will give all the users of this website a great deal on classic car insurance..... watch this space....  
14/02/2006 21:42:02   john wyatt   Sounds good Alex, lets hope they will take modified cars as well.  
14/02/2006 23:46:11   John Wood (Woody)   A-men to that!  
15/02/2006 15:09:45   Alec   Advert will appear in the next week hopefully, I have checked with the insurers and they will take modified cars with no fuss.

I will be starting to issue membership numbers via an online form soon to take advantage of this offer.
16/02/2006 01:38:15   Al   Excellent, I was just about to start enquiring about insurance for my 96!! Nice one, mate!  
16/02/2006 22:50:03   Alec   As you can see from the advert above, we now have Adrian Flux advertising on the site and offering special discount to users of this site.
Please mention when contacting them for a special deal. You can also email me for a 'SAAB V4 Web Club' number to quote to them.

Please support the site sponsors to help me keep the site running.

Below is an introduction from Adrian Flux:-

Dear Saab 96 V4 Owner Re: Insurance cover with up to 15% discount for Club members. Adrian Flux Insurance Group are pleased to announce their Association with the Saab V4 Owners Club and all those associated with this classic marque. We are able to offer up to 15% discount on policies for Club Members and would welcome your enquiries. Why choose the Adrian Flux Insurance Group? For the past 30 years Adrian Flux Insurance Services has developed into the country's leading agent for Specialist Motor Insurance, providing services dedicated to the specific needs of our clients. This enables us to offer all drivers' competitive premiums and excellent service coupled with special discounted rates for Car Club members. Our ‘specialist’ schemes enable us to provide very competitive premiums and added benefits such as free legal cover and breakdown cover at only £42 for Homestart, and European cover. All of this in addition to helping your club for the benefit of its members! Call today on 0800 505 3000 or visit  
17/02/2006 12:06:27   Senor Burt   Well done for organising this Alec. All I need now is a roadworthy V4! When I do, I'll give em a call.
So we're the SAAB V4 Owners club now? When's the AGM?  
17/02/2006 14:02:28   Alec   Well, we are the SAAB V4 Web Owners Club.... Gues what my membership number is .....  
17/02/2006 16:15:52   john   I am cock a hoop to be the member of a club, can there be an events page?, looking forward to getting a quote from Adrian Flux come renewal time.  
17/02/2006 18:40:17   Andrew   Hmm are you number 78 Alec?! I'm putting my money on you being number 1 - is there a prize if I guessed right? Will get a quote off them next time - thx for organising  
19/02/2006 11:17:03   Alec   Yep, I am 1V4....  

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