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14/02/2006 21:42:28   erik   I'm pretty sure my brake sticks a little one 1 side. Not completely but after a drive, that wheel feels a lot hotter than the other side. If it's just sticking from inactivity during winter, will it become completely loose again by driving or does it need fixing ?
14/02/2006 22:13:39   Jon   Do you have a brake master cylinder with the big resevoir cap or the smaller one? The big cap type is more prone to sticking brakes. Maybe the pistons in the calipers or sticking due to old seals or they are rusty (should change them to the stainless versions).  
14/02/2006 22:25:32   Senor Burrt   Usual cause is the flexible hose collapsing inside preventing the fluid from returning fast enough. Replace it. I assume this is the front wheel.  
15/02/2006 11:34:50   erik   No, it's the right hand back wheel (to you drivers side).
Funny thing is that the car drives well, even brakes normal but I just sense there's something sticking.
Master cilinder is big cap type (car = '79 model).  
15/02/2006 12:08:09   Senor Burt   Could still be the hose. You probably won't notice much difference as most of the braking is on the front.

Jack up the car when the car has been standing for a while and check how free the wheel rotates. Do the same thing again after a drive when you feel the sticking. If it sticks after a drive and eases off after 1/2 an hour or so, the hose could be the culprit.

Other than that, take off the hub and check that everything is moving freely with the braking mechanism including the handbrake lever. Strip down, clean up and adjust if necessary.

A worn wheel bearing would also cause heat.  
16/02/2006 01:36:57   Al   Could also be a corroded wheel cylinder but instead of the usual sticking and not doing anything, it could be stuck "on". More likely to be handbrake adjustment though I'd have thought? Easy to tell if the wheel spins free or not, if it does, then may be wheel bearing as suggested by young Burt.  
18/02/2006 14:03:28   erik   Thanks. I will check when the weather clears up.  

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