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20/02/2006 16:55:36   ian   trying to organise meet at pub near cardiff in spring...have 4 cars already....anymore v4's or strokers???  
20/02/2006 22:03:51   ian   COME ON COME ON WHERE ARE YOU ALL...............................  
21/02/2006 08:07:42   mel   Can you be more specific on date & location as i am interested and probably more would be!  
22/02/2006 16:08:17   ian   possibly may bank holiday or around cardiff  
26/02/2006 22:47:36   David   meeting this year's dates could be a challenge! "Blue" is still in many pieces, up on stands with no "undercarriage" and still being an excellent shed. Progress is being made, though, especially as i visited Chip Lamb in Richmond Va last week and came home with a suitcase full of goodies including a complete suspnsion bush set. Just waitng to get over the cold I brought back with me and get out there to carry on .... The rear axle has been in a bath of Deox-C and is looking very good .. next stage is to degrease and paint it and all the other suspension parts.  
02/03/2006 23:10:03   Alistair   Which May Bank Holiday, Ian? May Day (1st May) or Spring bank Holiday (29th) If the 29th, that's the day after Croft so I hope lots of people will be in North Yorkshire recovering from a good day on the circuit ;-)  

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