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15/04/2003 21:06:07   jake   any fitted a set of front calipers of some other make to the frnt of a ninty six yet? i'm still on the hunt  
16/04/2003 19:38:34   Mikko   There was one for sale before christhmas in the magazine of Finnish Saab Club: Hubs from Saab sport, disks from Saab 9000 and calipers from Audi 200 turbo  
16/04/2003 20:16:09   louis   Strange mix up that is! Couldn't one convert the front hubs to 5 stud 900 style and fit up 900 brakes and master cyl.?  
17/04/2003 07:39:06   jake   the simplest that i've seen up till now as a possable match is calipers from a peugout 106 although i did not have the opertunity to try and fit onto the hub it looked within the size factor and the bolt hole were a near perfect match for spacing etc i just nead the time to go to a local breakers yard with a spare hub asembly to try and match them up. I know the ford boys try and use austin princess units as they are four pot but they also split and can be widened to cater for diferent thcknesses of discs but again you would need to have access to a set to try it, i'm sure this one will run a bit  

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