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20/02/2006 18:27:48   Jim   I finally had a chance to spend some time looking over my "new" '73 95. Below are some of the spares I can use. If you have any of these you are willing to part with please email me with price at:
Thanks in advance.
-rubber gasket & insert to install a windscreen
-dash shift decal
-front turn signal lenses (2)
-rear taillight lenses (2)
-rear turn signal/backup light lenses (2)
-windshield wiper arms
-rubber floor mats
-day/night mirror
-"race-style" steering wheel
-aero-syle mudflaps  
20/02/2006 21:26:40   John Hansen   I have the windshield rubber and seal strip (glass too), wiper arms and the dash decal from my 72 96.
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