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22/02/2006 18:22:49   Mark   I am about to put a set of soccerball alloys on my 96,my question is do i spray them silver and pick them out in black or just pick them out in black.i dont want to be forever polishing them and they are scruffy.what have you lot done to yours?  
23/02/2006 09:14:56   john   One of the Swedish websites has links to someone restoring a set of soccer balls will try and remember which ist, however you do it good luck, I dont envy your task  
23/02/2006 09:39:20   srv   HI Mark, from experience I would spray them silver, pick out the black and then laquer them in clear coat two pack.  
02/03/2006 12:46:39   Richard   I dont think they were polished like a lot of people seem to want to do. I have a good set that are totally original and they seem to just be machine finished with satin black paint.  
02/03/2006 17:37:48   mark   I've sprayed them silver alloy and picked them out in satin black.I cut out templates in cardboard for the black bits which sped things up and they look pretty good.any one got any close up picks of the centre caps?or any centre caps for sale?  

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