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26/02/2006 16:11:10   Alex   Hi all,

In the last few weeks, on long (more than 30 minutes) trips at high speed, my V4 temporarily loses power and speed (i.e. seems to misfire), sometimes having to drop from 60 mph down to 40. What's more, it misbehaves for longer and longer periods. The carb is a Webber which I fitted in as-new condition a year ago. Any ideas? My thoughts are that it probably needs a new coil, but I can't really test it because it's an intermittent fault, so I thought I'd ask if others have had similar problems before I splash out...


26/02/2006 17:03:36   ian   make sure its not icing up in the carb.....try doing something with the air cleanrt to get some warm air in..  
27/02/2006 16:46:27   Steve B   It could be the coil or maybe the condenser. These have a habit of playing up once the car is warm.

28/02/2006 11:24:04   Alex   Check the valve clearances. If these are too tight the engine starts running rough when it's warmed up.

Alex (another one)  
28/02/2006 17:43:30   Alex   Thanks all - I'd not thought of carb icing, but now it seems an obvious contender. Looking in the manual, the air filter has a 'winter' setting taking its air from above the exhaust - I've now changed this, and am hoping that that has cured the problem!

Otherwise, coil or condenser seems likely. It's too intermittent a fault to be the valves, and it stops when the car stops, which implies that it may be linked to hot electrics but not to hot engines. My Dad's theory is muck in the fuel filter, but then I'd not expect it to clear itself.  
02/03/2006 23:08:35   Alistair   Has this worked Alex?  

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