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02/03/2006 16:53:10   Richard   I am considering changing from my Saab rally car to a Sunbeam Tiger. Its a case of I would like to drive something with some power and that's the cheapest car that has won rounds on the BHRC. If I do that I would probably have to sell three of my Saabs and just keep the white hillclimb car. I would need the room and the cash and to be honest I dont get the time to drive them anymore.  
02/03/2006 17:42:31   mark   I sorry to hear you giving up the saab rally car,But i understand what you mean about wanting more brother is building a gt40 replica which has more power in its battery than my saab!  
02/03/2006 17:50:49   srv   Dear Richard, It'll be a loss to us all. s  

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