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V4 Part Suppliers

SAAB Stickers (Sweden)
Fantastic, A Swedish chap who reproduces and sells SAAB stickers and Sport and Rally T-Shirts. Highly Recommended.
George Celedinas' Rocker Arm (USA)
Fancy some new Rocker Arms for your V4, The site also lists roller arms for increased power.
Past Parts (UK)
Not a particulary informative web site, however Past Parts can still source some V4 parts.
Jack Ashcrafts SAAB Parts (USA)
Jack makes and sells both replacment and performance V4 parts.
Euro Car Parts (UK)
Euro list many V4 related parts on the web site and have a good delivery service.
Old cars and Parts Shop (Germany)
Euro list many V4 related parts on the web site and have a good delivery service.
JETEX Exhausts (UK)
JETEX sell a sport exhaust system for the V4.
The SAAB V4 Restoration Company (UK)
Fancy another SAAB 96, 95 or 99. Restored cars for sale here.
Malbrad (UK)
Malbrad can supply many new/user parts for V4's.

Other V4 Related Sites

Vintage SAAB (USA)
The Vintage SAAB Information Source. Lots of interesting facts and figures here.
The SAAB Enthusiasts Club (UK)
The Saab Enthusiasts Club website .
The Swedish SAAB (Sweden)
The Saab Club website in Sweden.
Bengt's SAAB Page (Sweden)
Bengt is a V4 Rally Fanatic - You must visit his site.
Vesa's SAAB Site (Finland)
Vesa has a great Site - Based in Finland with some nice home movies.
Greenbeast (Finland)
Kalle has a great site showing details of his tuned 96 V4 (English and Finnish).
Project 95 V4 (UK)
Senor Burt's webpages showing the restoration of his 95 V4.
Vintage Saab Racing Group (USA)
These Guys race old SAAB's in the USA.
Pro-Stata, Race Maniacs (Sweden)
A swedish site with some great pictures.

Other SAAB Sites

The SAAB Owners Club (UK)
The SAAB Owners Club UK site.
SAABCars Online (Sweden)
A fantastic mine of information on this HUGE site. - The Site for Saabs (UK)
An excellent Site that covers all SAAB models.
SAAB Scene (UK)
A great place to find SAAB related sites and SAAB classifieds.
SAAB Way (Bulgaria)
A great Bulgarian SAAB site.
SAAB 90 (UK)
A new site dedicated to the rare SAAB 90.

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